ED 6 Manhood Problems That Come with Age

6 Manhood Problems That Come with Age

Noticing changes to your penis can be alarming, but it’s not necessarily a cause for concern. Age catches up with us sooner or later, and that means every part of us.

If you’re noticing some changes you can’t quite explain, don’t panic. Here are some you can expect to see as you grow older.

Changes in Color

Reduced blood flow comes naturally as we age and many parts of our body are affected by it. When it comes to the penis, restricted blood can cause some discoloration or make parts appear lighter.

The same will happen to skin on other parts of your body as well. It’s not a serious issue and as long as you don’t experience any related problems, it shouldn’t worry you.

Size Changes

Yes, unfortunately, many men will lose size as they age. It’s a consequence of lower levels of testosterone and decreased blood flow. Putting on weight can also make the penis appear smaller and is common as we age. Again, this isn’t an issue that should cause any medical concern.

Becoming Less Sensitive

Lower testosterone can also make the penis less sensitive. A reduction in testosterone can be accompanied by lower sensitivity, making it more difficult to achieve orgasm.

Daily erections can contribute to arterial health and ward off some of these effects.

Changes in Urinary Function

By age 70, most men experience some loss of urinary function. Incontinence and trouble urinating are uncomfortable, but not life-threatening. Maintaining good prostate health can contribute greatly to maintaining a healthy urinary function.

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction can be the result of numerous causes and can happen at just about any age. However, it becomes more common with age as problems compound. If your ED is persistent, don’t hesitate to speak with a physician and schedule a checkup to make sure it’s not related to something more serious.