Nutrition The Wonders Of Cucumber In Treating ED

The Wonders Of Cucumber In Treating ED

Cucumbers are incredibly valuable for overall health. They are mainly made up of water and important nutrients that are essential for the body. That is why cucumbers are highly sought especially during the dry months. But, did you know that cucumber is also popular in treating ED?

Today, a lot of studies have focused on the different health benefits of cucumber including its advantages in improving men’s libido. Studies suggest that cucumber goes beyond being a fruit with soothing and cooling nature whenever consumed.

 What is in cucumber

According to studies, the flesh of cucumbers is rich in folic acid and essential vitamins such as vitamin A and C. The skin of the cucumber is rich in fiber and minerals including potassium, magnesium, and molybdenum. It is also rich in silica minerals that contribute greatly to strengthening connective tissues.

The blood pressure regulating property of cucumber contributes in improving erectile dysfunction in men suffering from low blood pressure. It also helps the body overcome the effects of fatigue and stress. An amino acid highly present in cucumbers brings about this positive effect— Citrulline.

 How Citrulline Works in Treating ED

The Citrulline present in cucumbers indeed helps in treating ED leading to an improved libido. The body converts Citrulline into another amino acid, arginine, and later on turned into nitric oxide. Nitric oxide assists the blood vessel to relax, improving blood flow to different body parts including the genitals.

A study determined the effects of Citrulline in patients with ED. Men who were taking supplements of Citrulline had returned to normal and improved erectile function.

Unlike arginine supplements, absorption of Citrulline in the body is better. It directly passes straight through the liver, then converting it into arginine by the kidneys, which eventually circulates in the body system.

Results of this study is a good indication that Citrulline consumption, both from cucumbers and supplements, are highly effective in treating ED and improving one’s libido.