Uncategorized Should You Moisturize Down There?

Should You Moisturize Down There?

When it comes to skin care, men are often not as attentive as women. Carrying around lotions and creams is not a habit that men have, and putting on face masks or cucumbers on your eyes is hardly considered manly. However, taking care of your face, hands, and other sensitive parts of your skin could be a good idea. Many dermatologists believe that you could even benefit from moisturizing your genitals.

The Basics of Skin Care

To better understand why moisturizing your genitals may be a good idea, we need to know more about skin care. Our outer skin layer (also called epidermis) is very important for our skin. It’s in charge of producing new skin cells, giving our skin its pigment, and protecting our body.

But, when the epidermis is affected by certain foreign influences (cold weather, wind, allergies, poor hygiene) it can get dehydrated. This results in flaky, dry skin that becomes irritated. This can happen on all parts of the skin, although it’s most common on the hands and face.

Moisturizing Your Genitals

Although the genital area is usually moister than other parts of the body, it’s not impossible for it to get irritated. This is especially the case if you’re already prone to dry skin and you’re manscaping. If you notice that the area around your genitals is red, dry, and cracked, you should consider moisturizing.

Take care if you’re often engaging in physical activity that can cause friction “down there” like working out, running, or having sex. These activities can increase your risk of chafing and irritation.


So, should you moisturize “down there”? While moisturizing your genitals can be a good idea, only do it if you notice the need for it – dry, flaky skin in the genital area. Otherwise, you’re risking over-moisturizing, which can increase your risk of fungal infections.