Nutrition The Five Best Replacements for Energy Drinks

The Five Best Replacements for Energy Drinks

A lot of people choose energy drinks to get their daily caffeine boost. Leading studies have shown that caffeine decreases the risk of ED. So why should you look into replacements for energy drinks?

The Downsides of Energy Drinks

You might not know the risks that come with energy drink consumption:

  • Caffeine overdose – it can lead to cardiovascular issues, muscle tension, dehydration, and even death.
  • Diabetes – the extreme amount of caffeine and sugar in your energy drink reduces insulin sensitivity. This increases the chance of type 2 diabetes, which is a leading cause for ED.
  • Obesity – increased body weight is a lesser-known side effect of consuming energy drinks. Overweight men are also much likelier to get ED.

What Can You Do Instead?

Here are five healthy replacements for energy drinks:

  1. Coffee. With two cups a day, you will feel alert and ready to face any challenge. This amount of caffeine is safe for most adults, and it will noticeably improve your libido.
  2. Green tea. In addition to a high caffeine level, green tea is great for your cardiovascular system, too. Good circulation is crucial to your sexual performance.
  3. Protein shakes. The right kind of protein shake has a good balance of protein and carbohydrates. Although they can’t replace a healthy diet, protein shakes can give you a quick boost of power when you need it the most.
  4. Health juices. Once you find the right combination of vitamins and other nutrients, drinking green juice regularly can keep you in the best shape. Good immunity is important to your sexual health, and a good health juice or smoothie will increase your energy levels, too.
  5. Lots of water. Keeping hydrated will help your body stay awake, and will also do wonders for your circulation.


Even though energy drinks can help your libido in the short term, they have long-term effects that make it not worth the risk. If you take the time to find a few good replacements for energy drinks, you will be able to perform better in every way.


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